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Texas Time Trial Racers, Here is some information along with some of the standard reminders from years past. Tejas 500 Racers with a 48 Hour Start – Your race will start at 6:00 pm on Thursday, September 22nd.  The mandatory pre-race meeting is at 5:45 pm. Tejas 500 Racers with a 42 Hour Start – Your race […]

2015 Volunteer Recap

Texas Time Trials 2015 Volunteers  We mentioned in the Sponsor recap that we couldn’t do Texas Time Trials without Sponsors, which is true, however we would never ever be able to pull off this event without our fabulous crew of over-the-top volunteers.  All told, we go through almost 100 volunteers including some before the event […]

2015 Ultra 500 Recap

2015 Ultra 500 Recap In  2013, the Ultra Race Directors Committee and The Texas Time Trials announced a new program to recognize ultra racers willing to push their endurance limits by finishing two or more 500 mile races in one calendar year. Norman Hageman won the 2015 Ultra 500 Mile Race Challenge by completing his […]

2015 Oh!-Tex Recap

Oh! Tex The Oh! Tex is an invitational that combines Ohio’s Calvin’s Challenge and The Texas Time Trials, recognizing individuals or teams that compete.  This is the second year Larry Graham, race director for Calvin’s Challenge and Dan Driscoll, race director for The Texas Time Trials have held the Oh! Tex Invitational. The Overall Champion […]

2015 Texas Ultra Cup Recap

2015 Texas Ultra Cup Recap Open Division Over 60 Texas Ultra Cup Trophies were given out at The Texas Time Trials awards ceremony on September 26 in The 2015 Texas Ultra Cup’s 4th year.  The Texas Ultra Cup actually started back in October of 2014 when riders started racking up miles at No Country for […]

2015 Hall of Fame Recap

The Texas Time Trials Hall of Fame  Texas Time Trials Hall of Fame inductees for 2015 include Dennis Cook, Michael Screws, Bob Gracey and Wayne Dunlap.  Congratulations for racing 10+ years OR over 2600 miles.  How close are you to becoming a TTT Hall of Famer?  Check your stats at To purchase these pictures […]

2015 26.5 Mile Sprint Recap

26.5 Mile Sprint On a gorgeous day in late September over 25 riders lined up to ride one lap on The Texas Time Trials course.  After everyone finished 5 new course records were set and goals were achieved. The top 4 Solo Male Upright Sprint racers finished within less than two minutes.  Three time TTT’er […]